Real Estate Underwriting Evolved

Tired of using an underwriting tool from the last century?

Consistent Data Models

No more generating models from scratch or Excel models with brittle formulas. AI baked in the user inputs validates your data while staying out your way.

Inbox user interface
Inbox user interface

Flexibility of Excel

We ❤️ Excel. Once your input is validated, we render the input and underwriting model to an Excel spreadsheet. No proprietary files, just your data in Excel to perform your "what ifs" and consolidations

21st Century Real Estate Underwriting


Reactive user experience to ensure consitent input.

Model Generation

Generate a discounted cash flow model base on monthly cash flows.

Version Control

Tweak an input and generate a new output in Excel without worrying about overwriting old files.

Non Proprietary

Outputs to Excel. Do whatever you want with your data without having to worry about compatibility

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